Cult Athletics Case Study

Sports & Events


Cult Athletics is a sport events platform where users participate in online competitions, to earn prize money. It also organizes local events on demand.

Business Problem

  • The client wanted a platform to manage sports events to be organized at different locations and times with the intention to create ease for users to view events details dashboard in one place.
  • The client wanted to present an e-commerce platform as well for promotion products of the events. Various payment gateways were needed to be implemented.
  • A Gallery section needed to be developed to highlight the success of the events and to motivate new customers to join. The requirements were to display pictures & videos of events for users to take a glimpse of the event.
  • There was also a requirement to create different real-time reports, charts, graphs of different events and participants thus providing every minute update of the events.

Proposed Idea

  • Intigate developed an appealing website where users would be able to create an account followed by login to view all registered competitions at a screen and take actions on them.
  • Intigate implemented a dashboard as per requirement providing list of current and past competitions with significant information.
  • Gallery section was developed to take a glance of the past events.
  • Notifications are sent to the customers for upcoming competitions.
  • Athletics portfolio screens were created to present the information about the participants.

Technology Stack

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Cult Athletics Screens

A. Cult Athletics Home Page

B. User Account

B. Admin Account

Business Impact

  1. Improving engagement – The application has improved the users’ experience significantly. The online platform provides a chance to promote the events at a larger scale thus a number of participants exponentially increased.
  2. Automation –Online payment feature, registration, count down of the events days, and solving queries keep the users engaged in the event. Maintaining records in the application reduced the mistakes which may happen by manual work.
  3. Better Reach – Event listing based on country selection increased the reach to multiple markets.