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Everyday New social media applications are being created and launched in an already crowded digital landscape.

In addition to facilitating improved online communications, social media has been transformational channel for organizations and business communities. It allows brands to establish an online presence, promote their offerings, engage their target audiences,and communicate with them in real-time. These insights show that in the age of virtual presence, the popularity of social networking applications and websites is not slowing down any soon.

The density of interactions that social media platforms enable between brands and consumers is pivotal for businesses. At Intigate, we understand the importance and relevance of social media from both social collaboration and business collaboration persepectives.

Our Capabilities

What Intigate Can Do for You

The team at Intigate will help you explore how you can use digital infrastructure to fuel your business growth and stay competitive. The capabilities that are built with a decade of hard work are:

  • digital-business-web
    Creating Digital Business

    The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to transform how they operate. We are all geared to provide you with the robust digital foundation you need to survive this shift in the business landscape.

  • Cybersecurity-web
    Cybersecurity Addressing security concerns

    Cybersecurity Addressing security concerns is a high-priority element of Initgate’s solutions, enabling clients to safeguard sensitive information and critical operations. As the number of user-devices and cloud resources increases, there are more inherent security risks posed to businesses.

  • Data-Analytics-web
    Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

    Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence tools can help businesses derive valuable user insights through the data they collect and can enable them to learn from new trends. In a world where this ever-increasing data volume is not leveraged for actionable insights, we are harnessing our technological capabilities to manage and analyze the vast data of the businesses to help them grow.

  • Integration-web
    Integration with Multiple Systems

    Integration with multiple systems with ever-growing interconnection of the businesses through API driven application exchange or dynamic service chains, this integration is key to growth and is inevitable. We have helped numerous clients through this journey.

Our Solutions

Whether you want to create the next short-form content sharing application or want to capitalize on the communication and social outreach abilities of social networking applications, we will turn your idea into compelling social networking solutions by employing collaborative tool and techniques.

Social Networking Applications

Mobile applications have become the frontrunners for facilitating social interactions. We leverage advanced technologies to develop iOS, Android, and hybrid social networking apps using our core back-end expertise.

Social Media Management Systems

Our technological abilities enable us to develop a consolidated all-in-one platform where you can manage, schedule, create, and monitor various social applications in one place.

Social Analytics Systems

In addition to social networking apps and websites, Intigate also develops full-size social CRM and analytics systems that allow you to disseminate, track, monitor, and benchmark your social media.

Driving Engagement and User Participation

We also develop social media intelligence that allows our clients to engage online communities and create shared value through co-creation platforms.

Services We Offer

Our UI/UX designers and software development experts aim to create social networking solutions that not only facilitate social interactions but are also useful for monitoring and managing those interactions and communications. Some of the solutions we deliver include:

  • Social-Network
    Social CRM systems
  • Social-Media
    Social media management platforms
  • social-media5
    Social Analytics Systems
  • Community-Analytics-system
    Remote conferencing and professional networking solutions
  • media-management
    Media sharing applications
  • Community-apps
    Community apps
  • social-media-monitoring-7-intelligence
    Family and friend networks