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About the Client

Yintran is 6+ years experience company which provides trustworthy money transfer network that allows anyone or any company to transfer money safely with privacy and security in Hong Kong with a mission to eliminate transferring money via cheques.

Business Needs

  • The client wanted a secure platform for users to transfer money after adding money into their wallet to reduce cash or cheques
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML) document decides the daily limit of sending money.
  • In application, all communication that occurs between a user & server is through HTTPS.
  • Also, the client wanted to provide a facility for their users to view a summary of transactions separately (credit & debit), details of Payment, and Requests.
  • Anti-money laundering services needed to incorporate in the application to stop the practice of generating income with available AML types (AML 1, AML 2 & AML 3)


  • Intigate developed a web and mobile application for making payments via wallet to transfer money within a few seconds.
  • Intigate made digital payments so easy, safe, and universally accepted that the user never feels the need to carry cash or cards.
  • Intigate built functionality for users to upload excel files of Payment & Request in a specified format.
  • Merchants details like Restaurant, Properties, and Charity, etc are provided in the application to like, share, comment and redeem the coupon.
  • For increasing the daily limits user has to submit all three types of AML documents.

Technology Stack

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    Asp.Net MVC

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    WCF Services

Yintran Screens

Business Impact

  1. Speed & Efficiency– Online payment services can be performed anywhere without the need for a commute. Large counts of users make payments online as it is much faster and saves them the efforts of physically traveling to multiple locations.
  2. Security – Making payments via cheques is risky but via online transferring users receive a confirmation email or text once the transaction is completed.
  3. 24/7 Service facility – Yintran application is available for users 24 hours which allows users to make payments anytime anywhere.
  4. Pay Bills Online –. Rather than having to fill the forms and mails, users pay the bills at the click of a button. Also, they can automate the bill payments by using Yintran auto-transfer feature which requires no action every time bill is due.