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Within a span of a few years cloud technology has become an essential part of the IT strategy of any organization, enabling them to operate and compete without hindrance. From data management centers to marketing agencies, its application across various industries has allowed organizations to increase their IT capacity and functionality while securing and automating systems.

At Intigate, we deploy cloud applications and integrations over public, private, and hybrid models to improve data tractions. This is gradually becoming an inevitable step in every modern IT strategy, enabling companies to catch up speed, innovate, and scale themselves.

Cloud computing services delivered over the public cloud/off-premises are optimal for data storage, management, and access based on pay-per-use models. Whereas private cloud/on-premises computing delivers a higher level of security, greater control over server management, and improved autonomy over data storage, networking, and other IT deployments.

For those searching for the best of both worlds, we provide hybrid cloud computing services, which equip you with greater flexibility and extended control over your intellectual and IT assets.

Our Capabilities

Intigate’s cloud computing services begin with a need analysis and identification of the right cloud strategy for your needs, followed by choosing the right cloud service model, subsequently development of cloud-based solutions, cloud migration, and optimization. Our certified developers are skilled in cloud computing and our capabilities include:

Cloud Strategy

Develop, integrate, and optimize your organization’s use of the cloud technology with Intigate’s full suite of cloud services that include business model strategies and accelerated ROI and performance.

Cloud Migration

Speed up secure server migration to cloud platforms and achieve end-to-end digital transformation with Intigate navigating complexities to secure seamless transition and modernization.

Cloud Optimization

Maximize the efficiency of your cloud platforms by managing tools and cloud service providers (CSPs) through smart integrations. Intigate automates your cloud platform’s monitoring, governance, and compliance needs using native development.

Cloud Security

With Intigate, you can circumvent the issues surrounding compliance and security risks that can prove a barrier in attaining optimal operational efficiency. We work in an ecosystem where we make the public cloud safer, faster, and more proactive in serving your needs with the utmost cloud security.

SDLC Process – Cloud Solutions

Intigate offers a full range of cloud services to help you harness the benefits of cloud. Our solutions factor-in the organizational changes needed for success of your cloud strategy and provide you the best-fit for your specific

We begin by collecting relevant information as per your request and requirements from the project.

We develop high and low-level software architecture and UI screens using the information obtained previously.

Using agile methodologies, we divide project modules and begin coding the system using suitable programming languages and coding guidelines.

Our QA testing team tests the functionality of the code to identify and fix bugs that improve the solution’s performance.

Our team deploys the finalized version of the software or application to it can be launched to target your user market.

As per your SLA, Intigate ensures that ongoing needs for maintenance and support for the deployed solution are met effectively.

Our Approach

With Intigate Technologies, you get the advantages of a structured approach for the entire project lifecycle delivered through disciplined project management capabilities. Our team leverages its in-depth expertise on various methodologies to deploy the final solution according to your business needs:

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    Agile development methodology is used to minimize risks involved when adding functionalities such as bugs, cost overruns, and changing requirements.

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    Lean Development

    The lean model is used to reduce development costs, improve quality, increase productivity, and leading to increased customer satisfaction.

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    RAD (Rapid Application Development)

    This approach allows developers to quickly adjust to shifting requirements in a fast-paced and constantly changing environment. RAD is useful for small to medium projects that are time-sensitive.

  • Waterfall-web-version

    The waterfall method is consists of sequential phases (requirements, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance). Project managers decide to use this methodology for projects with clear objectives and stable requirements.

Full-Stack Technologies & Tools We Champion

Intigate’s team has built and honed competency in a wide range of technologies and tools that facilitate proficient development processes.