Food & Beverages

About the Client

The Client owns a hospitality and catering business in Kuwait. Thanks to technology solution provided by  Intigate provided, they are a very well-known name in their territory now and have turned off all the competition around them with their one-of-a-kind service experience.

Business Needs

  • The client wanted to create a technology-driven interactive social dining restaurant. They wanted to offer thecustomers a state-of-the-art food and beverages ordering system providing entertainment and innovative ways of social celebrations.
  • In addition, the client wanted to allow guests to order food from their interactive table by way of a few clicks without need for any waiter to take the order. The client wanted guests to choose a unique, imaginative and customized theme for their celebration for turning the whole experience into a lifetime event.


eclub restaurant uses the I-Table system, the world’s most advanced interactive ordering system which employs gesture recognition technology on LED screens to give the customer complete control over their dining experience.

The solution provided by Intigate includes:

  1. A comprehensive collection of Apps: Restaurant, Media library, Face book, Weather, News, Service, Camera
  2. Culinary Menu along with entertainment: At eClub the guest feels the power of the technology with every move; it serves you with entertainment, uniqueness & fine dining delicious food all at once.
  3. Party Celebration Themes: When it comes to surprise the guests, eClub is the right choice , imagine taking your people to the finest dining experience. There is live hday Dear” and the specially arranged cake “Baked Alaska” comes from the kitchen with the whole Restaurant staff sharing the happiness and special moments.
  4. Events Hosting : eclub is turning every occasion into chance to celebrate and have fun, from time to time eClub hosts shows and performers from around the world, providing memorable experiences.

Technology Stack

  • WPF


  • surface

    Microsoft Surface for Touch

  • Picture14

    SQL Server Database

  • MVVM

    MVVM Design Pattern

eClub Screen 1

eClub Screen 2

eClub Screen 3

Business Impact

  1. Eclub created a “golden rush” effect since its inauguration and this interactive restaurant became one of the most visited and talked about places of interest in the town.
  2. There was no wait for the waiters to make an order, customers felt relaxed and undisturbed.
  3. With one touch, an interactive table displays real-life photos and descriptions of the dishes customers like and they get to see the ingredients and calories provided by the food. So much vital information without much effort. The customers surely loved the whole experience.
  4. The customers can play various interactive games or get acquainted with other visitors to the restaurant through interactive applications Intigate designed.