Sports & Events

About the Client

Established in 2007, Pro Vision is one of the leading consultancies & sports management companies. With a passion to commence operations like Event Supply, Branding, and Facility Management etc.. The application has set a benchmark in Sports & Events Industry in the Middle East.

Business Needs

  • The client wanted to develop a platform for managing sports events happening in different countries and allows users to participate in them.
  • A website was required for displaying all upcoming sports events information along with brand items.
  • A user account was needed for participants to register into events, for tracking purchased items and to upload bulk participants registration & their participants.
  • There was a requirement to develop Admin panel for managing all events information, participants and sales information.


  • Intigate developed a complete informative website for providing every detail of the upcoming events. User can view events information of their country by selecting country name.
  • The website also shows results of events along with pictures and certificates.
  • Intigate built user friendly training gear functionality for participants to make the purchase of their choice.
  • We created user account for registering into events, ordering & tracking purchase.
  • An admin panel has also been developed for uploading events & items information, managing transactions, sales etc.

Technology Stack

  • Picture12

    Code Igniter

    (PHP MVC Framework)

  • Picture13


  • Picture15

    Java Script

  • Picture5

    HTML 5

  • Picture14


  • 278219

    Data tables

    (jQuery client library)

Pro Vision Screens

A. Home Page

B. Devices Screens

C. Mobile Screens

Business Impact

  1. Sports recognized as “Business” – Sports have turned into business not only for the players but for the other people as it involves the media rights, ticketing sales, team shirt manufacturers get new orders, and agents earn a lot through the traveling of spectators and players.
  2. Improving engagement – The application helps to improve the engagement with users exponentially. The online platform provides a chance to promote the events a large scale.
  3. Automation –Online payment feature, registration record, viewing events remaining days, and solving queries keep the users attracted and updated towards the event. Maintaining records in the application reduces the bugs which have a high chance of humans while doing manually.
  4. Mobile friendly application – Android and iOS applications are available and provide easy registration of participates in events.