Inshaee Case Study



  • Inshaee is a middle-east based company which deals in B to C E-commerce for selling construction materials, their accessories, specifications & prices like exterior and interior doors, home accents, curtains, magazines etc.
  • Inshaee aims to be the biggest E-commerce company in the country by providing online services of worldwide goods and designs.

Business Needs

  • The client wanted to develop a platform where products of various categories are available for customers to purchase and pay online via payment gateways or by cash on delivery option.
  • An Admin account was needed to manage items information and ordered items, customers details etc.
  • Vendor account was required to post and update items and their details.

Proposed Idea

  • After researching & analysing business needs, Intigate developed a user-friendly website consisting of all the products categories wise. Customers can also search items based on their brand preference or according to company’ names.
  • Multiple ways of paying for items are incorporated like KNET, Credit Card (Visa, Master Card) and Cash on Delivery methods.
  • The application has been given a visitor account feature which allows to place an order by entering email address and delivery address followed by paying via payment gateway.
  • Admin account has been created for managing items, vendors and customers.
  • A vendor account is also developed to update items information in a timely manner and for managing customer’s ordered items once admin approves vendor’s profile.

Technology Stack

  • Picture16

    MS SQL Server

  • angular-logo-vector

    Angular 8

  • Picture12

    Code Igniter

    (PHP MVC Framework)

  • Picture13


  • Picture15

    Java Script

  • Picture5

    HTML 5

  • Picture14


  • 278219

    Data tables

    (jQuery client library)

Inshaee Screens

A. Home Page in Arabic Language

B. Mobile Screens

Business Impact

  1. Attract new Customers– Inshaee gives a platform to view, compare and purchase items from anywhere in just few clicks. Also, items are available on discounted prices and users can track item delivery status.
  2. Jobs for professionals & vendors – It provides a great way to earn money or expand business. Vendors upload items for selling and professionals also upload their profiles for providing their services to customers.
  3. Sell internationally – Vendors are having benefits of selling their items in multiple countries by just uploading the descriptions in website.
  4. Easily track customers data –By analysing customers activity, application understands likes, dislikes and most searched item and show the products accordingly which increases the chance of purchase.
  5. Wide range of items and services – Inshaee enables the customers to choose a product or  service of their choice from variety of vendors anywhere in the world.
  6. Items with lower cost – Inshaee provides availability of items at prices lower than retail by providing discounts which is a key factor of such a huge count of customers.
  7. Eliminate Travel Time and Cost – Users view and purchase items anytime from their own place, which saves a lot of travel time and cost.
  8. 24/7 Availability– Inshaee market is available all the time which allows users to purchase items anytime even on holidays.