Caravan To Midnight Case Study

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Caravan to Midnight is a nightly cyber delivered television show hosted by John B Wells. It delivers new episodes from Tuesday to Friday along with a terrestrial radio show on every Saturday called Ark Midnight. Caravan To Midnight invites new guests in every episode to discuss on current events like world news, health & nutrition, science, politics, religion, entertainment, music and pop-culture etc.

Business Needs

  • Client wanted a platform (Admin panel) for creating and uploading episodes and adding guests’ information.
  • There was also a need to develop a website and a mobile application through which users would be able to watch or listen to episodes and buy subscription for paid episodes.
  • Client needed a donation process to be implemented on website for users who want to make donations by selecting a particular cause.

Upcoming Plans

    • Intigate provided a holistic solution which caters to every need of the client. With the latest designs and newest technologies, Intigate designed and developed user-friendly and dynamic platform.
    • The solution contains following platforms:
      1. Website – A stunning website along with web application with features of watching episodes, breaking news, making donations and compiling the information of the guests to know their likes and dislikes etc.
      2. Admin Panel – An Admin panel for managing subscriptions and episodes, updating website content, analyzing the customer feedbacks and focusing on improving subscriber base on the basis of graphical representations and feedbacks.
      3. Android & iOS Mobile Application – Mobile application for the users who want to access Caravan To Midnight features in Android & iOS mobile phones.
  • Intigate also introduced newsletters on website for users to stay updated and in communication with Caravan To Midnight.
  • Recently, we have changed UI/UX of website and web application which are providing a phenomenal experience to every user. There are augmentations in the features of the Guest Application such as guests can request to make them be invited to the episode, a Trial Plan for new users to avail benefits of all paid episodes and other features for a week.

Technology Stack

  • angular-logo-vector

    Angular 1 & 9

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  • Picture3

    Web API

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Caravan To Midnight Screens

A.Website Home Page

B. Mobile Application

Business Impact

  • Substantial increased in the response:After developing proposed idea client experienced a greater traffic of users on the web and mobile applications.
  • Good user experience:The Client is rated as a leading Radio show in their territory. Year by year Subscription purchase count is going up and adding to the profits for the client.
  • Reached targeted niches: live streaming videos have attracted large number people as it is quite easy to watch video streaming from anywhere.
  • Real time engagement: offersa direct conversation with the guests. It also gives an ability to offer live support, Q&A sessions and share feedback.
  • Take less time to produce: creating and editing video streaming is less time consuming as compared to traditional video making. It also requires lesser number of resources to complete video streaming.
  • Strong sales conversions: live streaming results in more sales. Broadcasting live can also be used in content marketing which is considered as a valuable tool.
  • Fastest growing Industry: live video streaming is one of fastest growing industry specially after COVID-19 situation, is has become convenient and safe to watch shows online rather than going to the venue.